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Beer In The Shower? - The benefits behind the internet craze.

Beer In The Shower? - The benefits behind the internet craze.

Ever wanted to combine feeling clean with guzzling a cold beer? Practically it can sound a bit weird, what if I get soapy suds in my drink? How do I find the time to drink when I should be cleaning? All very valid questions, let’s go through it then you can pop the bottle top and run a nice steamy shower. 

What’s the point in a shower beer

It's practical if you want to hastily get ready before going out, not only are you getting yourself ready; you’re also gearing up your liver before you hit the town. Or a shower beer is useful if you want to zen out after a long day, nothing better than a beer and a relaxing shower! So lump them together and you get the ultimate relaxing experience. Not only is it convenient, there’s actually psychological benefits to it as well, mentally a hot shower is a major pick me up, as you’re submerged in foamy bubbles it’s sure to calm you and reset your day. Then the act of drinking a beer releases dopamines giving you an immediate rush and a boost of creativity, overall boosting a relaxed and productive mindset. 

Many studies reveal light drinking is beneficial for the human brain, giving a rise in happiness. In 2012 peoples suspicions of how magic beer really is, was proven! In the US a study was carried out on human brains that revealed light drinking spikes a surge of endorphins. Studies have also been taken on the power of showers (see what I did there), showing that psychologically we feel better, especially after a tough day, it metaphorically and physically can wash away the funk and the stress of your day, making these two practically a match made in heaven that even scientists can’t disagree. 

It is important to not overlook temperatures, these are important. The shower if warm and steamy needs to be quick in order to not give you a warm beer (maybe you like that, but it's not for me). Then your beer whether in a glass, bottled or in a can is best served cold, giving you the perfect rush of hot and cold. How refreshing! 

Just simply put your pint in a safe place, so you don’t drown it with tap water, or even worse your dirty bubbles. Then enjoy the ride, it’s a refreshing treat after a particularly exhausting day of adulting. 

Even better yet, use one of our Hog Brew beer holders, this way you can stick it securely onto your wall, for extra protection against demon droplets of water tainting your glorious beer, not to mention less probability of smashed glass on your toes if you have an unfortunate mishap with your glass/bottle. Not only that, it is delightful out of a can as it keeps cold for longer, that way you can have a longer lasting experience of pure beery bliss! 

Why not give it a go and let us know over on our socials! And as always, drink 

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