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Beers for a BBQ

Beers for a BBQ

Do you love a BBQ?... We do! Nothing like sizzling that sausage...Oi oi.



There are many beers to choose from for a BBQ. Some of them have a higher alcohol content, while others are less aggressive. Often, a light lager is the prominent choice for a BBQ setting, but some beers are better for barbecues with heavier meat. The following beer selections are great choices for a backyard bash!

A classic beer with a malty aroma and flavour is a great choice for a barbecue. A dark lager has a slightly sweet, toasty taste, and a hint of caramel. Because of its low alcohol content, a dark lager goes well with any type of meat. To be sure your beer won't overpower your food, choose a beer with a five-to-six percent ABV.

If you are unsure what to choose for a barbecue, a lighter beer with a lower bitterness is best.

An IPA can be the perfect choice for a barbecue because it's the perfect summertime beverage.

If you're planning on grilled chicken, amber ales and dark lagers are ideal choices. Whether you're barbecuing chicken, pork, beef, or anything else, this beer is up for the challenge. With its rich, caramel-sweet flavour and generous hops, this brew is an excellent choice for a barbecue.

A light brew with low calories can also bode well for those watching their weight. You’ll want to avoid an American brown ale due to the high sugar content, and stick with something that is dry as opposed to sweet and lighter bodied. This helps keep the calorie intake down.

If your barbecue involves spicy food, consider a brew with a lighter malt presence and a lower ABV. You should avoid particularly rich and sweet beverages as they mask the precious spiciness.

If your food is too spicy and you’d like to turn down the heat, a sweet stout, New England-style IPA, or barley wine will do the trick.

Now...we apologies for all the mouth watering that you are probably experiencing right now. Get yourself some of that BBQ!


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