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Welcome to our happy place! We have started a warm up phase for a kickstarter campaign to help us raise funds to ramp up our journey in becoming a globally recognised name! Think of it as a secret club without the weird handshakes, although we are partial to an air high 5!

You! Yes, we see you! You can help us deliver quality booze to the masses and we are inviting you to be part of it. We would love to build Hog Brew up to offer an extensive range of craft beer, cider and spirits to the masses, globally. This is our dream. We want to cultivate booze aficionados! Only the best in class, purveyors of flavour. I just know this is you, right?

We are building a community of awesome people whom love craft beer, cider, and spirits to help us via various 'pledges'. By supporting us through pledges, you essentially pre-order your chosen epic item/items then once we have raised the targeted funds, all items will be dispatched. However, if we do not raise the targeted funds then you get your money back so no one loses out. Win, win in our eyes! 

So... what are pledges I hear you ask? Well, pledges are personalised/one off items that we bring to you at a cost - of course. Now, the cost varies per item, so if you're a high flyer... your name could end up on someone's ass (read on for more information, I promise it's not weird)  but if you're just in a generous mood and fancy helping towards our cause we also have more budgeted options such as a car air-freshener guaranteed to 'bring all the boys to the yard'. Believe me, every penny helps and we seriously appreciate any help that comes our way. 

Here is a list of some pledges that we can offer to you…We are holding back on revealing 50% of them as you will need to join our community via:

  • Hog Brew branded car air-fresheners.
  • Hog Brew branded t-shirts.
  • Hog Brew branded face mask.
  • Hog Brew branded sunnies
  • Your name (or a name of your choice) on a  bar stool. Imagine complete strangers sitting on down and thinking, that person is obviously pretty EPIC!
  • *Limited edition - only 100 produced - Chameleon flip paint can. Does not contain anything. Just LUST!
  • Your name (or a name of your choice) on a brite tank.

Below is a link to our kickstarter link tree. Just hit that to get involved and back us! We fully appreciate any help that we receive. Let's deliver good quality booze to the masses together!

“Beer, it’s the best damn drink in the world.” - Jack Nicholson

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