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Low Alcohol?

Low Alcohol?

There are plenty of awesomely deceiving low alcohol drinks (you wouldn’t know the difference if it wasn’t for the no hangover the next morning). Low alcohol can be both delicious and healthy (who doesn’t go drinking to be healthy?). 

These low alcoholic beverages have a variety of health benefits, including isotonic properties, a good source of vitamins, and great flavour. They are an excellent option if you're watching your weight and want to stay under the legal limit (wish we could all have that will power). 

Crafted with next to no alcohol, low alcoholic beers still retain some of the character and complexity of their counterparts. These beers are often more complex and have the same flavour, although what sets them apart is the alcohol content is usually low and negligible (approx 0% - 0.5% ABV).

While low alcoholic beers are becoming more popular, they are still not for everyone. If you don’t wanna walk home stumbling up every curb, into every pothole or falling over peoples bins…maybe try a low/non-alcoholic beverage. If you enjoy living life on the edge and see the late night drunk walk as an obstacle course, then go for it. Who are we to judge? 

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