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How to Pour Beer Properly

How to Pour Beer Properly

Don’t know how to pour a beer?

Scared of embarrassing yourself at the bbq because you don’t know how to pour a cold one? Maybe you want to master the art?

I’ve got you, you’ll be pouring like a pro in no time.

My dad showed me from a young age, so he didn’t have to miss a moment in the footy, so take it from me, a seasoned professional, it’s actually quite simple.

If you do it right you can easily optimise the taste and get the most out of your can/bottle. So here’s the guide, get your glass in hand and listen.

Pouring from a bottle or can:

- You need a clean glass, none of that “I just finished mine, pour another straight in here.” With a clean glass the taste is actually much better and also develops a better head. So get up, grab a fresh glass and don’t waste tasty beer on a dirty glass.

- Tilt the glass. Now this one is controversial, some say not to tilt, but I find the best way to not get too much foam is to tilt, (tomayto, tomato), but I put it at a 45 degree angle, to allow it to slide into the glass instead of sloshing. Unless you want a mouth full of carbonated bubbles, but each to their own.

- When you get to two-thirds full, stop, level it straight and continue the pour, that way a decent sized head can form not leaving you with a lifeless pint.

- Sit back, watch the bubbles and enjoy!

Pouring from a tap:

- Start with, once again your sparkling clean glass. Rinse any sneaky impurities out.

- Position the glass back at a 45 degree angle and start your pouring. The same way as your bottles and can, but stop halfway this time.

- Adjust it back to the upright position (90 degree angle) and continue to pour until you reach the top.

- This should give you a head of around half an inch of bubbly goodness.

- Let it settle. This lets it get used to its new home, just kidding but it allows the carbonation to build and give the perfect head.

- Then bingo! There you have it, another perfect pour!

Time to enjoy another one.

It's not just the pouring that will get the best quality but also your glass. Make sure you’re picking the correct style of glass to fit your beverage, this will give you more bang for your buck.

The equipment and technique is just as important as the tasty beer so make sure you follow each step correctly!

So congrats, you’ve just learnt how to pour a proper pint, no need to be the embarrassment of the friend group anymore. Show off your new skill with confidence, you’ll thank me later!

Practice makes perfect and makes a lot of pints for you to enjoy so don’t blame me for being drunk, but I will take the credit for your new talent.

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