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Journey - Episode 1

by Stephen Hoskins February 06, 2022 2 min read

Beer Blog

Lets get this show on the road

Hog Brew was born from the love of great tasting beer and an appreciation for can label art. We, as a small family run business have decided to blog the journey and invite you in, after all its you that we strive to impress in the hope that you will become an avid fan and part of the family. My name is Steve, the founder. I will be straight up with you, writing doesn't come easy to me so if you find the odd grammatical error then this series of blog posts really isnt for you. That said I will try my very best to talk some sort of sense.

Gypsy Brewing…Stick with me here, the term ‘gypsy’ can be construe as offensive but its a very old terminology for nomad brewing which is what we currently do. The cost of a brewery set up, even a small batch 1BBl (equivalent to 117 litres) is super expensive. Its a HUGE gamble for any new start up brewery to just go from home brewing to commercial brewing without soak testing the product. We work with a local breweries to supply us with 50l kegs of our beer. They produce it for us on their equipment then send the kegs onto us where we fill, can, seam and label them. The process is fun but often having this cushion of not having to commit to brewery equipment thins margins which in the beer world is like stretching an elastic band beyond hookes law of elasticity. Woah, that came from deep in my brain from studying engineering at college! 

The soak test for our first batch has proved that our Beer is extraordinary, with a ton of 5 star reviews on Amazon. We are now working our way through canning batch 2 which we have made further, minor tweaks of improvements to refine greatness.

The vision…This seems to change almost weekly but the mainstay goal is owing a brew house to enable us to produce our recipes on site, ideally a 5BBL system which we can grow into accompanied with several brite tanks to allow us to Keg for supply into pubs and restaurants and also plumb straight in for canning. An onsite tap room is also a massive goal for us but with a twist. We will serve our beer and cider like any other tap room but create a cinema style atmosphere with huge screens a decent sound system showing sporting events. Think of it as an escape where you can drink the freshest cold beer with friends with not having to queue at a bar, toilets which done have piss on the floor and no knob heads bumping your shoulders to get a reaction. Just you, your friends, great beer and your favourite sport!

If you have yet to check out our beer, CLICK HERE and if Cider is your thing then look no further, CLICK HERE.

Did you enjoy this post and want to know more? Let me know by leaving us a comment on the post. Maybe for full transparency would you like a full tour of our current set up in the form of an action packed video?

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