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Journey - Episode 2

Journey - Episode 2

Its been a while! Things at Hog Brew HQ has been quite busy but good busy! We have some good news and also some average news. Lets get the average news out of the way shall we?

1. Our Kickstarter campaign, well, just didnt kick start at all! We raised 4% of our goal in the end. We failed to reach 100% of the goal so all proceeds were returned to the people whom donated. I am not too sure why it failed? Maybe its because we are so new to market. As a result the capital will now need to be raised through profits which sets us back. Thats ok though, we love what we are doing and are a patient bunch anyway.

2. Aldi...Ohhhh Aldi! They love our beer, they want to stock our beer, they love the brand and basically everything about Hog Brew BUT...Their opening stock order was for 70,000 cans! I know what your thinking! Thats great news? Nope, sadly not because to produce that amount and make any sort of sustainable profit we would we be producing for months on end. We just are not scaled up enough to take on big boy orders just yet. We popped a pin in it until we can get larger capacity brewery equipment and will continue on with production.

Still curious to how and why we cannot produce on mass? Well, we have a 200l brewhouse/nanobrewery and only a small semi auto canning set up with 4 filling heads. Every can is Co2 purged, filled with lovely beer and then passed to a can seamer and seamed 1 at a time! Now thats true craft!

In fact here is a photo of me doing some servicing on 1 of 2 fillers, its small but an effective bit of kit. A big thank you to the team at Duo Filler.

Beer filler

Now, some good news! If you have not yet already heared we have officially launched our craft still cider in 500ml bottles! These are available right now by clikcing HERE. We are also working on a new an exciting brand of Flavoured Vodka! The development has been EPIC! I will give you the full low down on the Vodka in the next Journey Episode!

Chow for now!

- Steve

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