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Kickstarter is now LAUNCHED - We are LIVE

Kickstarter is now LAUNCHED - We are LIVE

Ping - The elevator doors are OPEN!

Finally, our Kickstarter campaign is live! Now is the chance to get onboard and become an early adopter of the next big beer brand! We have lined up some epic perks that are exclusive to Kickstarter. The merch/threads you see available will not be going on general sale which means you could be the owner of a truly unique collectible. You may have noticed that there is a limited amount of each perk and thats it! OK, we could add more but why? Yes, we want to ensure we raise enough cash for us to progress but that will reduce the scarcity of the perk you choose so our promise to you is…When its gone, its gone!

Have you watched the Kickstarter Video yet? If not, go check it out HERE. To showcase the true nature of what we do, we chose to include a bloopers reel. We as a team are passionate about making great tasting Beer and Cider with artistic flare whilst having fun along the way! Hey, talking about ‘along the way’ you should really sign up to our email list where we will post out blog updates of our journey. They will be full transparent, No bullshit…fuck the smoke and mirrors style of business. We created this brand to build a community of like minded people that have an appreciation for great art and a taste for extraordinary beer and cider. If you want to sign up, go HERE.

We appreciate you! We genuinely do, even a small donation will help us along the way maximises the chances of success in getting our dream of becoming the next big name independent beer brand on the map. 

If you have not already clicked above to the Kickstarter campaign, then why not? Whats stopping you from having your say? Join us…we even have legacy options on our perks such as your name on a board of honourable & awesome people, your name on a brite tank and even our name on a bar stool for the tap room? Imagine a complete stranger going to lower their ass on a seat then reading your name! Ass to name! Perfect!

Get over here!

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