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The Health Benefits Of Beer

The Health Benefits Of Beer

Trying to justify having a pint? Need a reason to explain why beer is the elite of all drinks? You may be thinking, are there really health benefits to beer? Look no further, I’ll tell you all about it. 

• Let’s begin with the obvious, beer, believe it or not actually reduces stress: 
Researchers have found that two glasses of beer a day can reduce work-related stress and anxiety! However, please don’t take this at face value to drink to cope with your problems, tempting I know, but turning to alcohol isn’t a wise move in the long run, so please drink responsibly! 

Beer can help build the strength in your bones:
Beer has a high silicone content in the form of orthosilicic acid (OSA), which in turn can help the growth and development of bones, and prevent the bone thinning disease. 

It could potentially benefit your heart: 
Several studies indicate that moderate beer consumption could link to a lower risk of heart disease! Handy to know! It improves the antioxidant properties of HDL which is a good cholesterol and also improves the body’s ability to remove cholesterol. These benefits are only linked to light intake only, so once again please drink responsibly. 

Beer may help to improve your memory:
Xanthohumol is a natural product found in beer, it contributes to the taste and bitterness of beer. Xanthohumol also slows down the the degradation of memory, so is linked to research suggesting beer could help memory and also potentially helping cognitive function. 

May improve blood sugar control:
A link between blood sugar control and beer has been discovered, with studies finding that men and women who drink beer moderately had a lower risk of diabetes. With 70,500 people taking part, it was found they had around a 43% lower risk. 

Helps your creativity:
Felt a creativity boost? That could be due to a few beers! Linking to cognitive development being helped from this miracle drink, researchers have found a boost in creativity as it stimulates your cognition system! So if you are stuck in a rut maybe having a beer or two could help! Another big plus is it can help towards improving focus, as beer has the all important Vitamin B12 and folic acid in, which is essential to help your brains concentration. 

Aids in recovery:
If you are a gym buff or just like to keep healthy and work out, you may notice an instant sluggishness after pumping iron. That’s because your body is craving glucose, which is handy because the sugars in beer can aid that! It provides you with new energy and an increase in muscle mass from the glucose, it's a perfect post workout drink!

All this set aside, I am in no way encouraging you to drink excessively, as too much has far more ramifications and does a lot more harm that good. However, one or two regularly are providing people with a whole array of benefits, so why not grab a cold one!

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