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The making of Stout beer

by Jordan Hart June 23, 2021 2 min read

The making of Stout beer

Hey there beer lover!

Are you looking to try something new or just topping up on your knowledge of beer?

Well you’ve come to the right place!

Stout beer is the dark, rich black colour beer that maybe you’ve thought of trying once or twice. There are so many variations of this one beer so I'm going to help you find the one for you and show you how it's made.

So what is it made from? Well pretty consistently all stouts are from black un-malted barley giving it the strong colour and taste, however a lot of different flavours and notes can be picked up in different stouts for example you can get milk stout, oatmeal stout and imperial stout. Imperial is a style of brewed stout from the 18th century in London, and gets its name as it was exported to imperial Russia and rewarded a Russian royal warrant. But the other variations are quite self explanatory in that you add a certain ingredient to alter the taste, for example adding oats into the brewing process to make oatmeal stout!

A brief history of stout.

In the 1720s it was created in London, England, and was actually called a porter, because (you guessed it) it was a popular drink with the porters of the time. It took longer to spoil and still kept its heavy strong taste, making it a country wide favourite of the time. The porter adapted with the new techniques and changed from a lighter brown colour into the dense black/dark brown colour we know and love today through the use of black patent malt being used in the brewing process. The name porter slowly drifted to become stout porters, then further just to stout.

The process.

As mentioned before, unless you skipped that history part to get to the nitty gritty, there are so many variations which depend on the extra added ingredient into the brewing process. However it all comes down to four main ingredients to give us our stout: Hops, malted barley, yeast and water. Arguably the main ingredient that gives it the wow factor and distinctive taste is the barley and how it is used in the process, usually roasted to give the colour. The main taste should be the barley for the rich flavour, then your added notes after. There are also notable differences in whether it's draught or bottled, like all beers. Bottled stout is much bubblier, as it's infused with carbon dioxide in the bottling process. But a draught stout is much creamier, however both bottled and draught are loved by many, for different reasons.

In short, not only does stout have a delicious silky, thick taste it stems from hundreds of years of history, making it the well known beer of today. So whether you wanted to just read up on the history (yeah right), or see how it's made, or just need some persuading to jump out of your lager comfort zone, you should definitely give stout a try.

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