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Top 3 Books I've Read This Month

by Jordan Hart May 06, 2021 3 min read

Top 3 Books I've Read This Month

Hey there!

For the next international book day, I think I’ll send my son to school dressed as a bottle of beer. I can do that right? If there are books about beer, then that is a legit costume!!

If you’d love to read about a book about beer but you’re not sure where to start, here are the top 3 books👇

Top 3 Books I Read This Month:

Beer gives you ecstasy of the mind.” - Jack Kerouac 

Jack Kerouac is one of my favourite writers. He knew a thing or two about drinking, though he probably couldn’t tell a malt from a stout (wine and whiskey were really more his thing). 

And when it comes to reading in general? I love a good book about beer. I’ll freely admit it: Just like you, I’d rather be drinking beer than reading about it. But when you grow to be as passionate (okay, obsessed) with beer as I am, you eventually start seeking out books on the subject. You know, because you can’t be drinking all the time. 

If you’d love to read about a book about beer but you’re not sure where to start, here are the top 3 books I personally read (and rather enjoyed) this month: 


The Brewing Cloud by Kenny Gould:

The Brewing Cloud is actually a delightful collection of short stories set in and around a fictional city called Brewing Cloud. In this city, and in these stories, every single citizen is in some way tied to the beer industry. Sounds like heaven, right?! 

There are all kinds of wonderful stories and characters to dip in and out of here, including a farmer who happens upon a mysterious beer bottle that brings him luck, and a couple of hop and barley plants that, um, muse on the theory of love. Yeah. I wasn’t drunk and didn’t imagine that story!

All in all, I'd say that beer fiction is something entirely new to me (Bukowski wrote about his drinking days a lot, but you can’t really call that “beer fiction”), and you know what? I hope it becomes a thing. 


The Complete Beer Course: Boot Camp For Beer Geeks by Joshua M. Bernstein

So, I got hold of this after a mate recommended it to me - and I’m really glad I found the time to read it. Some of the stuff that’s in here isn’t new to me, but some of it is. Moreover, if you’re a bit of a beginner in the heady world of beer, there’s a LOT you’ll love about this book. 

What’s it about?

It’s pretty much what the title suggests: A book written for beer geeks who would love to know more about the different styles of beer, the inner workings of the beer market, what to look for when you’re tasting (and talking about) beer, as well as how to perform your very own tasting session.There’s so much information in here, and what really comes through is the writer’s love for his subject. Fab. 


The Pub: A Cultural Institution by Pete Brown - Ah, the pub. If there’s one thing Brits do really well, it’s the pub. When I saw this book in my local Waterstones, I had to buy it! 

And, boy, does it deliver. 

Over hundreds of pages, Pete Brown dissects what makes the British pub so great. He features 50 pubs and dives right into the culture and myth of the drinking den to uncover the real story behind the British institution. Love it.


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