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What is Lager?

by Jordan Hart January 24, 2022 1 min read

What is Lager?

Lager is beer that is brewed at a low temperature. It comes in several different styles, but pale lager is one of the most popular and commercially available. There are also a few different variations of lager

As a drinker of beer, you should know that lager is the cousin of ale. It's a more refined version of ale, and many people only associate it with a drier, crisper brew. Lager is actually a type of brew that uses a different yeast family. Our craft lager is a bit of a hybrid. It used traditional Lager brew methods but with hops that make it, well more hoppy. You can grab yours here.

Lagers are best served cold. This type of beer is easy to drink and is great with spicy foods and chocolate desserts. However, if you're looking for a more sophisticated experience, try a stout. It is a great choice for dinner parties. It's also great with any type of food, although it's best to drink it with friends rather than alone. 

The lower process temperature of lager reduces the character of the beer and gives it a crisper, cleaner taste.

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