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Our Story

Hog Brew was established through a very natural and perfectly acceptable obsession for EXTRAORDINARY beer. We work closely with independent craft breweries to develop unique and innovative beer flavours whilst using traditional brew methods. We use ethically sourced ingredients and brew all of our beers from a Welsh water palate. Tidy mun!
How did we start?

Great question! So, like most grown men we frequent the local after some days. We got chatting about beer, it's a great topic aye? Well, we felt that the market lacked any extraordinary beer with exciting graphics and for beer there is a lot of stuff out there that is just too serious! We source our brews from local breweries in South Wales. They make them to our requirements. After a lot of development we found our core range then started making some awesome can designs!
Where we came from?

Jordan is from Risca, which is a small town in the Caerphilly Borough. I am Steve by the way, I come from Bedwas, which is also in Caerphilly. That said, Hog Brew was born and raised in Newport.
What are we all about?

We're a couple of happy go lucky guys who don't take life too seriously. I, Steve, gave the watermelon challenge a go this week - if you don't know what the watermelon challenge is then where have you been hiding for the past year?! It's where you put a watermelon in between your legs and try crush it, it's in the Guinness World Records and everything, fully legit. I managed to crush absolutely none, zero, nada! But, you know what they say - Winners fail until they succeed.